Nature's Apocalypse

~The warning signs given from the birds and fish~

SuperlifesecretcodesThe warning signs given from the birds and fish
The recent deaths of whole fish and bird populations have become a scare to the public. Though researchers are working diligently to determine the underlying cause, no concrete conclusion has yet been made. Some researchers have carelessly stated conclusions without in depth research, but the public desires the truth. What is the actual cause for the sudden deaths for entire fish and bird populations? And will the events continue to occur?

The rate of occurrences for strange events has increased over the years and has become a part of our daily lives. The strangeness no longer appear strange to most people. Therefore, organizations who have been bringing awareness to the public have spoken even louder telling the world that the end of the world will arrive either the 21st of May in 2011 or the 21st of December in 2011. The public is now in chaos, without knowledge from scientific conclusions and unsure what they should believe in. At this rate, humanity will collapse in panic and chaos before the end of the world arrives. Is 2012 really the end of the world, or is the loss of humanity what we have been warned against?

In nature, the death of a bird or the death of a fish is merely the circle of life. Then, speaking on the same terms, the death of a human being could happen just as easily. This is a truth we all understand. Life and death of any organism on earth is not determined by human beings. All creatures must obey the orders of nature. Before the onset of winter of 2010, someone predicted that this winter would be extremely cold. However, weather organizations around the globe rejected the prediction and stated that it was just a myth. Recently, NASA publicly stated that the calamities of 2012 were also a myth. Then what in fact is the truth? I have seen and felt that this winter is extremely cold and the chaos it has caused around the globe. Is 2012 the end of the world? Only time can tell us the truth.

So right now, mankind’s most imminent search should be for a way to avoid these disasters. If we continue to be depressed and afraid of what may come, if we continue to deny nature’s warnings, and if we continue to believe that science is the only solution to these mysterious events then we may not be able to find the path to serenity. We must think clearly of what may be done to salvage our planet. Great Sun, author of Super Life Secret Codes, discusses his predictions on the matter within the book. Within these times of unknown struggles, Great Sun explains the mysteries that science still cannot. Great Sun also wrote 16 letters to mankind pleading the public to wake up and take action to change our future.

Some who have read Super Life Secret Codes are touched and shed tears in accordance with Great Sun’s teachings and treasure this book. However, there are others who laugh at its concepts and view this book as a joke. It is as Great Sun had mentioned in the book, affinity will lead those who believe to success and happiness. Whether you believe in the teachings of Super Life Secret Codes or not is based on fate and destiny.

Everyone has their way to live, facing all these warnings from nature, we must quickly find the path we must take in order to avoid the calamities. If you still do not have a copy of Super Life Secret Codes, please open up your heart and accept with sincerity. The book contains information that can help people succeed in life and reach happiness. If you practice the methods described in the book and achieve your dreams, then you have been blessed by the Universe. Whether or not you are lucky to receive this blessing will depend on your sincerity.

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