What Will Happen in 2012?

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Superlifesecretcodes“When friend G mentioned what would happen in2012, I thought it was too early to start worrying. But now I realize that people should start evaluating their lives immediately…”
“Super Life Secret Codes,” by Great Sun

Many people live their lives a day at a time, with no thought about the future. At the other extreme, some rare individuals are gifted with an uncanny ability to foresee what lies ahead. These people, scattered throughout humanity, act as lamp posts for the rest of us, and they help us prepare and plan for the unexpected. Friend G, a religious and spiritual instructor, established himself as one with the ability to foresee the future, after sharing his insights and predictions with his circle of followers during the years 2005-2010, and even before.

Friend G once told his followers that “Indonesia would not be peaceful in the future, that earthquakes and natural disasters would occur and destroy the land.” His words manifested as a brutal reality, when the devastating Boxer earthquake of 2004 struck Indonesia. Later, in March of 2005, Friend G asked his followers, at one meeting, to prepare a world map. That evening, he outlined disasters, including earthquakes and tsunamis that would strike many countries. In the words of one of his followers, “What he mentioned was so specific and clear that it was hard to believe, I feel ashamed now because I was wondering for a while if those disasters would really occur as friend G had foretold. The series of events, in the next five years between 2005 and 2010, proved the accuracy of his stories and forecasts,”

Later, Friend G warned his followers about the year 2012. According to the Mayan calendarDecember of 2012 is the end of a long cycle of time, and some historians of Mayan culture claimed to have unearthed prophecies that state the end of the cycle will be a time of destruction and tribulation for the earth.

Friend G’s message was not necessarily one of doom. Rather he gave advice on steps mankind can take to redirect their lives, so that they will survive the perils that lay ahead. There is still time for mankind to take the “critical processes that should be taken to protect our earth and make the world a better place.”

The message this mystic left, with his followers, is at once terrifying and baffling. What can an individual do to protect himself from sudden natural disasters, that result from natural laws that human beings have no power over? According to Friend G, however, there are options for mankind. Actions can be taken that will enhance the individual’s ability to survive this tumultuous time of testing, swiftly approaching for us all. Friend G’s recommendations, and the presentation of “secret codes,’ that will help mankind to survive the coming test, are described by Great Sun, in the newly released book, “Super Life Secret Codes,” available now from Amazon

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