Where's My Solution?

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SuperlifesecretcodesSometimes we become preoccupied with heavy workloads and a hectic schedule, and we lose our composure and sense of security. Should we subsequently develop a tendency to procrastinate, we will find ourselves on a path that leads to failures in many things – tasks that were once within our grasp and control are no longer achievable! Gradually we find ourselves sinking into a morass and becoming alienated from life as we go through our daily routine, a helpless prisoner to the passing of time. We look around us, and everything appears distant. Where is the solution to this impasse? At times like these, we are no way better than a fly trapped in a bottle, finding no way out and totally clueless about the direction of life.

L., who currently lives in Washington State, is experiencing these very feelings. She is at her wit’s end trying to thrash out her problems, but it seems impossible to solve! She came across articles about our book, “Super Life Secret Codes,” in Chinese, as she searched on the web for solutions to her life’s difficulties and responded favourably. She purchased it.

As she leafed through the pages of the book, she came to have deeper understanding about its teachings and felt as if it saw through her problems like a surgeon’s scalpel debriding a wound. Driven by a strong urge, she posted a few of her personal questions on the Super Life Secret Codes website and requested answers. Based on her current situation, author Great Sun provided some helpful advice and answers as follows:

1. Every difficulty encountered in life results from some type of hindrance or obstacle that arises during the daily course of living. When all the small problems aggregate together, they exacerbate each other, and like a cascading snowball things rapidly go out of control. It is your affinity with us that has enabled you to find our website and has given us the opportunity to shed rays of light on your difficulties. As you cherish this affinity and allow it to grow, your outlook on life will change and you will be surprised to find so many things in life to be grateful for!

2. Regarding the health problem that you have considered to be the most devastating blow in your life, I personally believe that you can escape the clutches of your health ailments as long you strengthen your faith in the methods and teachings of our book. You will be greatly amazed at the results, but when that occurs don’t forget to share your personal experience of salvation with the people in your surroundings.

3. Don’t allow your emotions to be easily swayed by your children’s estrangement from you! Once you are diligently practicing the techniques presented in this book for boosting your positive energy, you will find it easier to achieve your wish. You shouldn’t get too uptight over it. Instead, make your resolution, and wholeheartedly devote yourself to the teachings in “Super Life Secret Codes.” Rest assured you’re your problems will vanish like a wisp of smoke, in no time, provided that you sincerely make a diligent effort to practice the book’s teachings!

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