Bad Kharma Turns Into Good Friendship


YP, A reader shared her experiences from practicing the methods from the book “ Super Life Secret Codes ”.

YP was hit by a taxi from behind while waiting at a red light on her motorcycle.  It was a hard collision and YP was literally thrown into the air and landed on the ground.  A Few minutes later, YP got up and dusted  herself off.  All the bystanders watched with astonishment.  Nobody was able to believe how someone could walk away from such a collision without a scratch.

The  taxi driver had a cramp on his leg and lost control of the car, which caused the accident.  He continuously apologized to YP and he would be fully responsible for the repair of her motorcycle.

YP felt very fortunate since she was not injured and the only damage was to her motorcycle.  Both parties exchanged telephone numbers and the taxi driver accompanied YP to the nearby body repair shop.  The taxi driver said to the owner of the body repair shop to call him when the repair was finished so he could pay for all expenses.

From the accident, YP realized the benefit from practicing the methods from the book.  She recalled when she was struck by the taxi that she remained calm and knew she would be fine.  She believes this is the blessing  from the Universe.

When the repair was completed, the owner of the body shop called YP and told her that he was unsuccessful  reaching  the taxi driver because his telephone was not in service.  YP was very upset and she could feel the negative energy was affecting her.  She felt she was being cheated by the taxi driver and she wanted to file a lawsuit  against him.
YP started to contemplating  the plan and how she should go about it.  She was thinking to obtain the video from the policeman who was on site of the accident.  The plan seemed more complicated as YP continued to plot her revenge.

YP later realized if she decided to pursue with the lawsuit, it might jeopardize and affect her job.  She then thought maybe the taxi driver is at his old age and lacked the money.  Or, perhaps his health is at risk and still had to struggle to drive a taxi to make a living.  All of a sudden, YP decided to have a different  outlook  on this incident and looked at it from a positive perspective.  YP remembered the two most powerful and important life codes from the book, “Super Life secret Codes” which are “Love” & “Gratitude”.  The moment she applied these two codes, she decided to forgive the taxi driver and told the body shop that she will be responsible for the repair.

The owner from the body repair shop told YP how lucky she was to survive from such a collision.  He told YP when he heard the collision he was about  to call the ambulance because he knew someone will end up with a terrible injury.  The owner told YP that this is truly a miracle and suggested YP to buy a raffle ticket because she might win.   YP followed the suggestion and bought a raffle ticket.  Amazingly, she won and the amount was exactly the same as the bill for her motorcycle repair.

On her way home, YP was hoping to have the opportunity to run into the taxi driver one day.  She wanted to tell him personally that he could be at ease and not to worry about paying for the repair.  YP felt grateful because she shifted her thinking thus changing the scenario in a positive way.

To YP surprise, she received a call that evening from the taxi driver.  The taxi driver apologized to YP and explained that he did not forget their agreement.  He told YP that his phone was out of service because he forgot to pay.  This is the reason why he was unable to receive the telephone call from the body repair shop trying to notify him the repair was done.   He further explained to YP that he had another accident , also due to the cramps from his leg.  It was a much more complicated accident and required a lot of his time.

YP told the taxi driver not to worry and  her winning the lottery ticket.  To avoid further accidents, YP also told the taxi driver that she is a therapist and she would like to help him to make an appointment  for his leg.  The taxi driver kept apologizing and was very grateful to YP.

The outcome from this incident can be big or small.  When we shift our thinking we can change a bad Karma into something good.  No one can predict the outcome of anything.  However, if we incorporate “Gratitude” into our daily life, it is highly possible to change the blue print of our life.

If  the two important life codes, “Love” & “Gratitude” truly exists, then everything in our life is only a matter of choice.  If we can change the attitude of our thinking, we can alter our life.  If we want to have a happier and better future, then we must have a kind conscious.  I wish everyone can realize this  and change your life for the better.

2012 Prophecy by Mystic Friend G – an Update

Less than a year remains till Dec. 21, 2012, the day marking the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar cycle, and a day named in many disaster and doomsday prophecies. This rush of time has inspired me to do a follow-up interview with Ted Sun, who described the 2012 disaster prophecy of Friend G. in his Viking book “Super Life Secret Codes.” Friend G predicted that 9 of 10 people in the world will die in the days preceding and following December 21, 2012. He backed up that prophecy with a series of lesser prophecies that were to take place before then, and according to author Ted Sun all of them have come to pass. Let’s look at the prophecies, see which ones have taken place, and what may reasonably occur as we approach closer to the end of the Mayan calendar cycle. (See You Tube video which tells the story of the prophecy).

Back in 2005 Friend G. had his followers make a world map on which he pinpointed countries that would have natural disasters. In each instance he named the date, the place and the type of disaster. Author Sun still refuses to release the full contents of the world map, but I have learned the following:

1) Friend G predicted that Indonesia would suffer a series of natural disasters after the Boxing Day Tsunami. (Indonesia has suffered repeated natural disasters since 2005; however author Sun has not released the dates of Friend G’s predictions and Indonesia sits on the “Ring of Fire, an area given to volcanic and seismic activity. Tribune Story Online )

2) Friend G. predicted the killer earthquakes in Haiti and Italy (However, the exact dates named by him have not been released by author Sun)

3) Friend G predicted there would be an intensification of natural disasters leading up to 2012. (Japan suffered a killer tsunamis in 2011, with a follow-up nuclear disaster; however Friend G had predicted the intensification would begin in May of 2011, three month after the Japanese tsunami.)

4) The author acknowledged that while all of the natural disasters Friend G. predicted occurred some were small in size, i.e. one in South America and one in India

Friend G’s predictions were made in 2005, and with less than a year to go till 2012, author Sun still maintains that the 2012 disaster prophecy will come to pass.

What can a reasonable man think about Sun’s adamant belief in this extreme prophecy? First, it would be a mistake to dismiss the prophecy outright as a fluke. Even if all of the other prophecies were based, for example, on Friend G’s understanding of geology and weather conditions, we can at least say, in all fairness, that he is a man of science. Still, it’s hard to imagine any event that would cause catastrophic world disaster in the near future other than an unexpected global nuclear conflict. And I underline unexpected. There are hotspots in the world today, such Korea, Eastern Europe, and Iran, but world leaders do not talk about any imminent threat of nuclear war that will cast a shadow on 2012. (Response of Major Powers to rise of new leader in North Korea) (The timetable for nuclear issues related to Iran clearly spans beyond 2012 ) (Russian conflicts with NATO relate to strategic weapon deployment with no issues that would lead to war in the foreseeable future)

Perhaps it is best to conclude that something might occur during the days surrounding and including Dec. 21, 2012, but it might be a tiny event compared to the massive destruction described by Friend G. back in 2005. In the final analysis, however, it won’t be possible to put these predictions to rest until we have lived through the period described in them.

In fairness to Ted, his book stresses positive thinking. He teaches about man’s intimate connection to the Universe, and he encourages readers to feel the love of the Universe and strengthen their connection to it. Throughout the book he teaches that our thoughts and actions, at every minute, have the ability to alter potential outcomes and therefore we should never find ourselves sinking passively into a state of despair about the future. The focus of his book is not about scaring people with prophecies of doom, but rather encouraging them to think positively.


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Experiencing the Love of the Universe

Over the years, almost all of us have had multitudinous experiences of love. Early on we experienced the love of our parents, then the love of our siblings, friends, relatives, and then for most of us love in a personal love relationship. But what about feeling the love of the Universe? That’s such an abstract and even impersonal experience that it doesn’t even register with many people.

Our associations with the Universe include the stars, the Moon, man-made satellites, and the zodiac, and mostly the vastness of the sky at night, when we think about it. But to associate all of that vastness and impersonality with love as we know it is difficult. Yet some people employ the term, “love of the Universe, and the way they use it gives us clues as to what the term might mean.

There’s a really heartwarming story in the news right now about Ernest McCray the father of 44 year old Deborah McCray, who was placed on respiratory support after suffering a heart attack. Ernest is a retired school principal in California, and in his role as an administrator he was accustomed, over the years, to working with a large department of personnel on whom he relied day in and day out. Being principal of a public school is a selfless role, and one that required broad mindedness. For one thing, a public school principal, both as a principal and as educator, must learn to be tolerant of and friendly with people from many different religious, cultural and racial backgrounds. This role inspired Ernest to develop a more universal outlook on life, and sensitivity to the brotherhood of man.

In a recent blog post Ernest wrote “It’s painful and there’s no escaping it but I feel the love of the universe through the sweet power of the good wishes that you all have sent my family’s way. Ernest closed with a quote from a poem by the Arabic poet Hafiz.

“How did the rose ever open its heart and give it to this world all its beauty? It felt the encouragement of light against its Being; otherwise, we all remain too frightened. ”

In his blog and in the poem Ernest expressed a sentiment that is echoed in a song by Santana entitled “All the Love of the Universe,” which closes with the line”

“Everybody needs a helping hand.”

Santana, Ernest, and the rose in Hafiz’s poem all felt the love of the universe through love that comes from others. We can see the reason for this most readily in the Hafiz poem, because it uses a metaphor taken from nature. Love and support of our fellow humans is likened to the encouragement of the Sun. The Sun shines down and gives its warmth to all, rich and poor, good and evil, worthy and unworthy. From the Sun’s perspective, no one is denied service because he can’t pay, and no one is turned away because he is evil; all are worthy.

Perhaps we can most readily feel the love of the Universe when we receive love and encouragement from those who are furthest from us, distant friends or acquaintances, as opposed to our close loved ones, whose love we feel worthy of receiving. When people we know only peripherally freely share a kindness or affection with us, they are manifesting a form of human love which is closest to the impersonal and non-judgmental kindnesses that come from the Universe.

The importance of being non-judgmental of others is emphasized by the Viking author Ted Sun in his book “Super Life Secret Codes.” According to the author, being critical of others and getting upset with others, is a terrible side-tract that wastes lots of energy. “We must learn to have kindness,” he points out. And, he adds, even when we meet an enemy we should be thankful for the challenge he brings. Always, he notes, we should remember the love we feel from the Universe, which provides energy to us all free of charge, without “any preset conditions.”

Don’t Fear Dec. 21, 2012

As December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar cycle, approaches, even the most stolid scientists are taxed by the bombardment of literature on the Internet telling us that the day may be one of doom or great cataclysm. Despite, the solidly grounded conviction that nothing will happen that day, it is still possible to be occasionally caught off guard by the amazing correspondences between Mayan teachings about the day, and predictions of doom found in sources from many different religions and mystical disciplines.

But regardless of what is expected to happen that day, whether it is nothing, as most reasonable people believe, or if by coincidence some calamity does occur, there is no reason to fear the day, and there is good reason not to fear anything that it may bring.

Great Sun, in his Viking book “Super Life Super Codes,” presents important concepts and reasons why we should not fear December 21, 2012. His central thesis is that the future is not something inflexible, written in stone. Negative events that might occur on that day or any day, for that matter, can be averted by our own good actions and thoughts.

Great Sun based his statement on his belief that all living creatures are connected to the Universe by a two way communication. Our thoughts, feelings and actions are continually transmitted to the Universe, which acts like a giant computer and correlates our current state of being, with the state of being of all the living souls in the Universe.  At any moment, the mix can result in changes to the ongoing game plan of the Universe. So no matter what future events might be in store, all can be changed in a single instant of time.

According to Great Sun’s cosmology, the worst thing a person can to is to dwell on the negative, fear its approach, especially to the extent where it paralyzes him into not taking action that might, in fact, better the future.

Great Sun’s words are not mere empty rhetoric either. Five years before writing his book he was a student of the charismatic mystic Friend G. Friend G. held open classes every night, and one evening he talked with those in attendance about the future. He had the attendees draw a world map, and on the map he indicated countries that would be struck by natural disaster. He named the country, date and natural disaster.  Subsequently, he made predictions about dire events that might occur related to December 21, 2012, even the death of 9/10 people in the world.

Over the next five years all of Friend G’s predictions came true. The natural disasters were not all that dramatic. The dates were not exact, but almost all the countries named were affected by the type of natural disaster that was predicted to occur.  In the face of this sign of impending doom,   Great Sun wrote his book, and reminded his readers that the future is not written in stone.

Whether people believe that nothing will happen on December 21, 2012, or something great will happen, they should not fear the day.

How Do We Connect to the Universe?

In his Viking release “Super Life Secret Codes,” author Great Sun, presents a model of how man relates to the Universe, using cell phones and computers to illustrate his points.  Great Sun writes that each of us knowingly or unknowingly communicates with the Universe.  The Universe receives our signals, integrates them with information being received from all other living beings and then sends them back to us.  The author notes that theories such as his would appear truly arcane just a few years ago, but modern technology is showing us how this communication really works.

In Chapter 3 of his book the author writes that when someone purchases a new cell phone, but  “before the channel is opened up by the phone company,  the signal is weak.” Once the channel is opened up, messages bounce back and forth off satellites with great rapidity.  The metaphor demonstrates that invisible communication really works, and introduces the concept of an unseen force, in this case the phone company, that can do something at a distance which influences our own immanent ability to communicate via the invisible world.

The author uses the computer as a metaphor that illustrates how the Universe integrates our signals with the signals of every other living being in order to update, as it were, the flow of life. In this part of his metaphor he teaches readers that the future is not something written in stone, as some suggest, but can be continually shaped and altered by our thoughts and actions, which subsequently influence our personal signal to the infinite.

Although unusual, the author’s model, is not new, but rather bears a startlingly similarity to Mayan cosmology, which describes a world tree that connects man on the Earth to the Hunab Ku, or heart of the Universe, via the Kuxan Suum, or road to the sky.  Within the Hunab Ku, all communications from all creating beings are integrated and the results are sent back to each individual.  What is unique about Great Sun’s presentation is the way he illustrates it using truths seen in modern technology. As each new technological invention comes along, the author points out, we have the opportunity to learn new secrets about how the Universe works.

If what the author is saying is true, then a popular computer software package called Drop Box is bringing further evidence and elucidation of his theory. With Drop Box, multiple individuals working on the same project can simultaneously share and communicate results without having to take their attention off their activities. The Drop Box allows workers at different computer stations to download spread sheets which contain the data for the project. As each makes progress on his end of the project he updates the spreadsheet. Every time he saves the data on his sheet, the information is simultaneously shared with all other members of the project, and they see the new data whenever they update their spreadsheets. The Drop Box not only increase the capacity of the Internet to assists members of a company working at a distance, it is also potentially teaching us something about how man is connected to the Universe.

The inherent beauty of Great Sun’s model of man’s connection to the Universe and his use of technology to illustrate it, is that it does not in any way require people to abandon their daily life patterns in order to relate to the beyond. Connection with the Universe, in his theory, is portrayed as something imminent and natural.  Connecting to the Universe is a state of awareness that is totally consistent with the most advanced trends of science and technology, and therefore accessible to anyone, including the most practical and realistic scientist.

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