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The Approach of 2012: Can Man Control Earthquakes?


In his recent book Super Life Secret Codes, author Great Sun talks about the approach of 2012. He considers 2012 prophecies and suggests that whether these future events occur as earthquakes and other natural disasters or as more refined reactions will depend on how man responds in the next year and a half.

2012 Prophecies of Doom, Truth or Fiction?


Open up the Internet and search and you will see that the web is being bombarded with articles, prophecies and reports related to the 2012 Mayan Calendar doomsday phenomena.

What Will Happen in 2012?


“When friend G mentioned what would happen in 2012, I thought it was too early to start worrying. But now I realize that people should start evaluating their lives immediately…”
“Super Life Secret Codes,” by Great Sun

The art of life and fortune before and after the disaster


The issue that people are now eagerly researching.

Will the disasters happen this time?


Solutions for the fear of 2012

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