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December 21, 2012 Making the Necessary Preparations for the End of the Mayan Long Count Calendar

Dawn of a New Age

Recently, there has been a plethora of articles on the Internet discussing theories about December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar cycle. Discoveries of inscriptions in ancient Mayan archaeological sites describe the day as associated with darkness and with names connoting warfare and destruction

Where’s My Solution?


Sometimes we become preoccupied with heavy workloads and a hectic schedule, and we lose our composure and sense of security. Should we subsequently develop a tendency to procrastinate, we will find ourselves on a path that leads to failures in many things – tasks that were once within our grasp and control are no longer achievable! Gradually we find ourselves sinking into a morass and becoming alienated from life as we go through our daily routine, a helpless prisoner to the passing of time. We look around us, and everything appears distant. Where is the solution to this impasse? At times like these, we are no way better than a fly trapped in a bottle, finding no way out and totally clueless about the direction of life.

Cold Winters, Global Warming and 2012 Predictions

Dawn of a New Age

For the second straight year the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing unseasonably cold winters. Deaths are being blamed on the bitter subfreezing temperatures, and meanwhile, scientists are attempting to explain why the freeze is occurring

Bird Deaths and Mass Fish Kills Sign of 2012 Prophecies?


As the world continues to experience a spate of mass fish kills and bird deaths around the globe, people might be wondering if the rise of these mysterious phenomena portend some ominous event to take place later this year perhaps leading up to disasters predicted to occur in December, 2012.

Enhancing Love and Sex in a Relationship


One expert on love and relationships, Great Sun, the author of the Viking release “Super Life Secret Codes,” recommends that couples engage in conversation that allows the woman to share her intelligence and insights on life. This makes the woman feel important.

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