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Can Global Warming be Stopped?


Most scientists blame Global Warming for the recent extremes in temperature , hurricanes, flooding and the paradoxical frigid winters in the Northern Hemisphere. The question is can the trend be stopped…

Global Warming Over the Next 200 Years

According to Princeton Professor Michael Oppenheimer, another increase of about 4 degrees over the next century would “imply changes that constitute practically a different planet.”

As Dec. 21, 2012 Approaches, Scientists Note a Downturn in the Sun’s Energy


As December 21, 2012, the date marking the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar Cycle, approaches, scientists are noticing a down turn in the Sun’s energy cycle, which they say may last from decades to longer than a century.

Enjoying the Sun’s Great Blessings


In the Viking release “Super Life Secret Codes,”  author Great Sun urges readers to remember the gifts they are constantly receiving from the Universe. His advice is geared towards the mentality of modern men, whose thinking is shaped so powerfully by the day to day complexities of life that they are forgetful, at times, of the simple gifts [...]

The Mayan Tree of Life and Gravity


In Mayan cosmology souls are connected to a world tree that goes from the center of the Earth, through the center of the Sun through the dark rift to the galactic core and from there to the universal heart. The cosmology is baffling but exercises to aid modern man to contemplate the Mayan secrets are found in the Viking test “Super Life Secret Codes.”

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