Archive for August, 2011

Middle East Revolutions and Protests Reach Israel


The wave of protests and revolutions which have swept through the Middle East in recent months has at last reached Israel

Sign of the Apocalypse: A Lake in Texas has Turned Blood Red


In Texas, this week, a lake that was once a thriving home for fish turned blood red and all the marine creatures within its confines died. An evangelist who heard about the event called it a sign of the coming apocalypse

Why Does Being Thankful Promote Success?


Many writers describe how thankfulness promotes success. But the mere statement of the fact leaves one wondering why the phenomenon works

How to Protect Our Positive Energy Stores Within


In his Viking book,”Super Life Secret Codes,” author Great Sun takes time to consider what some people still need to do to get the success promised in “The Secret.” One of the most important suggestions he offers is to avoid negative energy

Being Thankful and the Preservation of Our Connection to the Universe


Countless writers, thinkers, and spiritual leaders have stressed the importance and value of being thankful, even in the face of adversity. As a new slant on this teaching, I proffer the suggestion that a vibrant positive attitude also helps to keep the channels open to the Universe, the source of unlimited blessings in life.

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