2012 Prophecy by Mystic Friend G – an Update

Less than a year remains till Dec. 21, 2012, the day marking the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar cycle, and a day named in many disaster and doomsday prophecies. This rush of time has inspired me to do a follow-up interview with Ted Sun, who described the 2012 disaster prophecy of Friend G. in his Viking book “Super Life Secret Codes.” Friend G predicted that 9 of 10 people in the world will die in the days preceding and following December 21, 2012. He backed up that prophecy with a series of lesser prophecies that were to take place before then, and according to author Ted Sun all of them have come to pass. Let’s look at the prophecies, see which ones have taken place, and what may reasonably occur as we approach closer to the end of the Mayan calendar cycle. (See You Tube video which tells the story of the prophecy).

Back in 2005 Friend G. had his followers make a world map on which he pinpointed countries that would have natural disasters. In each instance he named the date, the place and the type of disaster. Author Sun still refuses to release the full contents of the world map, but I have learned the following:

1) Friend G predicted that Indonesia would suffer a series of natural disasters after the Boxing Day Tsunami. (Indonesia has suffered repeated natural disasters since 2005; however author Sun has not released the dates of Friend G’s predictions and Indonesia sits on the “Ring of Fire, an area given to volcanic and seismic activity. Tribune Story Online )

2) Friend G. predicted the killer earthquakes in Haiti and Italy (However, the exact dates named by him have not been released by author Sun)

3) Friend G predicted there would be an intensification of natural disasters leading up to 2012. (Japan suffered a killer tsunamis in 2011, with a follow-up nuclear disaster; however Friend G had predicted the intensification would begin in May of 2011, three month after the Japanese tsunami.)

4) The author acknowledged that while all of the natural disasters Friend G. predicted occurred some were small in size, i.e. one in South America and one in India

Friend G’s predictions were made in 2005, and with less than a year to go till 2012, author Sun still maintains that the 2012 disaster prophecy will come to pass.

What can a reasonable man think about Sun’s adamant belief in this extreme prophecy? First, it would be a mistake to dismiss the prophecy outright as a fluke. Even if all of the other prophecies were based, for example, on Friend G’s understanding of geology and weather conditions, we can at least say, in all fairness, that he is a man of science. Still, it’s hard to imagine any event that would cause catastrophic world disaster in the near future other than an unexpected global nuclear conflict. And I underline unexpected. There are hotspots in the world today, such Korea, Eastern Europe, and Iran, but world leaders do not talk about any imminent threat of nuclear war that will cast a shadow on 2012. (Response of Major Powers to rise of new leader in North Korea) (The timetable for nuclear issues related to Iran clearly spans beyond 2012 ) (Russian conflicts with NATO relate to strategic weapon deployment with no issues that would lead to war in the foreseeable future)

Perhaps it is best to conclude that something might occur during the days surrounding and including Dec. 21, 2012, but it might be a tiny event compared to the massive destruction described by Friend G. back in 2005. In the final analysis, however, it won’t be possible to put these predictions to rest until we have lived through the period described in them.

In fairness to Ted, his book stresses positive thinking. He teaches about man’s intimate connection to the Universe, and he encourages readers to feel the love of the Universe and strengthen their connection to it. Throughout the book he teaches that our thoughts and actions, at every minute, have the ability to alter potential outcomes and therefore we should never find ourselves sinking passively into a state of despair about the future. The focus of his book is not about scaring people with prophecies of doom, but rather encouraging them to think positively.


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