A Dark Marriage


In the contemporary society, the cases of marriage failures seem to have unceasingly manifested. Regardless of the reasons behind their failures, marriage problems have always been ongoing through society ranging from personal problems, touching stories, and even to pitiful stories. Contrary to public belief, by voicing their miseries and woes to their closed ones, couples often still cannot improve their relationship, but rather their marriage tears apart and deteriorates even faster. No one can assist couples to face such an intimate problem, not even the most professional marriage consultants may be able to resolve the issues. But don’t feel despair, there are people who can help couples escape from the intense feeling of distress, and those people are the couple themselves.

Recently, we received a letter of request from Lacy. According to the letter, Lacy has been living in disharmony with her husband for five years. Her husband has always been dedicated wholeheartedly and extremely focused on his career, he places his career above anything else in his life, and it has become his habit to come home late every night. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of Lacy’s story. Lately, Lacy’s husband has been venting all his frustration and anger on her and their children, ruining the family peace and harmony. To make things worse, everything at home seems to be an irritation to his eyes, he continuously argues against Lacy at the very sight of her presence. Being the good wife, Lacy is always submissive to her husband’s outrage and becomes apologetic in order pacify her husband rage. Lacy and her husband have sought help from marriage consultants in attempt to salvage their marriage, yet all efforts had turned futile and in vain because despite Lacy’s endeavors, her husband resented her for the therapy sessions and for the way she spoke to the consultants about their marriage.

Coincidently, Lacy visited the Super Life Secret Codes website and was greatly interested in the book Super Life Secret Codes by Great Sun. Lacy wanted to know whether the approaches and methods taught in the book could really help her walk out from the dark shadows. To clear her doubts, the working committee has brought forth Lacy’s question to Great Sun, author of Super Life Secret Codes. The answers given by Great Sun are seen below:

  1. There are still great opportunities for Lacy and her husband to salvage their marriage. I am positive that Lacy will be able to see the silver lining behind those dark clouds encircling her and her family. By practicing the methods taught in this book with calmness, Lacy could quickly see the positive results she desires.
  2. I feel that the lack of ‘light’ is the crux of Lacy’s marriage problem. There is no theory available to explain Lacy’s problem, but the only solution is to fill her heart with sufficient ‘light’ energy. She should try to fill the ‘light of heart’ as soon as possible.
  3. The true problem with her husband attitude is the blockage of his positive energy and the subsequent emissions of the negative energy. If he remains obstinate and refuses to practice the methods in this book, he may soon find himself completely drained of his energy. Without positive energy his health may be at stake because his endocrine cycle has been completely disrupted.
  4. Super Life Secret Codes provides the right antidote for Lacy’s marriage dilemmas. This marriage problem that has been shadowing her for more than five years could be simply solved with a short period of time if she practices the methods taught in the book with strong faith and sincerity.

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Great Sun, author of Super Life Secret Codes, is a student of the Universe. He accepts various life advancement opportunities given by the love of the Universe. Permitted by fate, Great Sun has been able to help and guide many people to better their lives, and some even consider him to be a mentor of the body, soul and spirit.

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