Bad Kharma Turns Into Good Friendship


YP, A reader shared her experiences from practicing the methods from the book “ Super Life Secret Codes ”.

YP was hit by a taxi from behind while waiting at a red light on her motorcycle.  It was a hard collision and YP was literally thrown into the air and landed on the ground.  A Few minutes later, YP got up and dusted  herself off.  All the bystanders watched with astonishment.  Nobody was able to believe how someone could walk away from such a collision without a scratch.

The  taxi driver had a cramp on his leg and lost control of the car, which caused the accident.  He continuously apologized to YP and he would be fully responsible for the repair of her motorcycle.

YP felt very fortunate since she was not injured and the only damage was to her motorcycle.  Both parties exchanged telephone numbers and the taxi driver accompanied YP to the nearby body repair shop.  The taxi driver said to the owner of the body repair shop to call him when the repair was finished so he could pay for all expenses.

From the accident, YP realized the benefit from practicing the methods from the book.  She recalled when she was struck by the taxi that she remained calm and knew she would be fine.  She believes this is the blessing  from the Universe.

When the repair was completed, the owner of the body shop called YP and told her that he was unsuccessful  reaching  the taxi driver because his telephone was not in service.  YP was very upset and she could feel the negative energy was affecting her.  She felt she was being cheated by the taxi driver and she wanted to file a lawsuit  against him.
YP started to contemplating  the plan and how she should go about it.  She was thinking to obtain the video from the policeman who was on site of the accident.  The plan seemed more complicated as YP continued to plot her revenge.

YP later realized if she decided to pursue with the lawsuit, it might jeopardize and affect her job.  She then thought maybe the taxi driver is at his old age and lacked the money.  Or, perhaps his health is at risk and still had to struggle to drive a taxi to make a living.  All of a sudden, YP decided to have a different  outlook  on this incident and looked at it from a positive perspective.  YP remembered the two most powerful and important life codes from the book, “Super Life secret Codes” which are “Love” & “Gratitude”.  The moment she applied these two codes, she decided to forgive the taxi driver and told the body shop that she will be responsible for the repair.

The owner from the body repair shop told YP how lucky she was to survive from such a collision.  He told YP when he heard the collision he was about  to call the ambulance because he knew someone will end up with a terrible injury.  The owner told YP that this is truly a miracle and suggested YP to buy a raffle ticket because she might win.   YP followed the suggestion and bought a raffle ticket.  Amazingly, she won and the amount was exactly the same as the bill for her motorcycle repair.

On her way home, YP was hoping to have the opportunity to run into the taxi driver one day.  She wanted to tell him personally that he could be at ease and not to worry about paying for the repair.  YP felt grateful because she shifted her thinking thus changing the scenario in a positive way.

To YP surprise, she received a call that evening from the taxi driver.  The taxi driver apologized to YP and explained that he did not forget their agreement.  He told YP that his phone was out of service because he forgot to pay.  This is the reason why he was unable to receive the telephone call from the body repair shop trying to notify him the repair was done.   He further explained to YP that he had another accident , also due to the cramps from his leg.  It was a much more complicated accident and required a lot of his time.

YP told the taxi driver not to worry and  her winning the lottery ticket.  To avoid further accidents, YP also told the taxi driver that she is a therapist and she would like to help him to make an appointment  for his leg.  The taxi driver kept apologizing and was very grateful to YP.

The outcome from this incident can be big or small.  When we shift our thinking we can change a bad Karma into something good.  No one can predict the outcome of anything.  However, if we incorporate “Gratitude” into our daily life, it is highly possible to change the blue print of our life.

If  the two important life codes, “Love” & “Gratitude” truly exists, then everything in our life is only a matter of choice.  If we can change the attitude of our thinking, we can alter our life.  If we want to have a happier and better future, then we must have a kind conscious.  I wish everyone can realize this  and change your life for the better.

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