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A Creative Technique for Thinking Positively About Technology


refers to the scientific efforts to shape nature into new forms and harness nature for the progressive benefit of humanity.¬†¬†Etymologically, the phrase “techno” in technology comes from the word teckhne, meaning art, skill, craft method, system, and from the proto European world “tek” meaning to shape or make. In more recent years, much of the [...]

The New Age, Science and Technology


As December 21, 2012, the day which marks the end of the 5,126 year Mayan Long Count Calendar cycle, approaches, the voice of responsible scientists and psychics continues to speak out against doomsday soothsayers who predict the day will be a time of great chaos and cataclysm. But even as this conflict of ideas appears [...]

Sign of the Apocalypse: A Lake in Texas has Turned Blood Red


In Texas, this week, a lake that was once a thriving home for fish turned blood red and all the marine creatures within its confines died. An evangelist who heard about the event called it a sign of the coming apocalypse

Can Global Warming be Stopped?


Most scientists blame Global Warming for the recent extremes in temperature , hurricanes, flooding and the paradoxical frigid winters in the Northern Hemisphere. The question is can the trend be stopped…

Global Warming Over the Next 200 Years

According to Princeton Professor Michael Oppenheimer, another increase of about 4 degrees over the next century would “imply changes that constitute practically a different planet.”

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