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Being Thankful and the Preservation of Our Connection to the Universe


Countless writers, thinkers, and spiritual leaders have stressed the importance and value of being thankful, even in the face of adversity. As a new slant on this teaching, I proffer the suggestion that a vibrant positive attitude also helps to keep the channels open to the Universe, the source of unlimited blessings in life.

Power of Positive Thinking Even in the Face of Adversity


There are many streams of love in life. Love of family, love of one’s country, love of the Universe, and love of a lover or spouse. Almost everyone agrees that the experience of love is an exhilarating feeling, which gives meaning to life, and which, for many, is the purpose of life. But what happens [...]

How to Achieve Your Ultimate Success


Everyone, according to Great Sun, has a place in the world which is their most auspicious place for connecting to the Universe and to be successful.

Enhancing Love and Sex in a Relationship


One expert on love and relationships, Great Sun, the author of the Viking release “Super Life Secret Codes,” recommends that couples engage in conversation that allows the woman to share her intelligence and insights on life. This makes the woman feel important.

Modern Love Meets the Oldest Profession


Modern love is characterized by romance between two people, in which the feelings of love, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual dynamics between the two people take precedence over other considerations such as society, children and religion

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