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Bad Kharma Turns Into Good Friendship


YP, A reader shared her experiences from practicing the methods from the book “ Super Life Secret Codes ”. YP was hit by a taxi from behind while waiting at a red light on her motorcycle.  It was a hard collision and YP was literally thrown into the air and landed on the ground.  A [...]

Experiencing the Love of the Universe


Over the years, almost all of us have had multitudinous experiences of love. Early on we experienced the love of our parents, then the love of our siblings, friends, relatives, and then for most of us love in a personal love relationship. But what about feeling the love of the Universe? That’s such an abstract [...]

Love of the Universe and Human Love, Are They the Same?


Why should I take the time out to “connect to the Universe?” Why should I spend my valuable time which is currently devoted to pursuing my tangible loves, my wife, family, and career, to commune with the ethereal love of the Universe? These are reasonable questions in the minds of modern man living in our [...]

The Wisdom of Learning to Forgive Others


In Chapter 9 of his Viking release “Super Life Secret Codes,” author Great Sun extolled the value of eliminating unnecessary anger or sadness by changing one’s perspective and then minimizing the problem. He lamented the fact that some people lack this skill. Once they get mad they can’t stop being angry until they have enacted [...]

Experiencing the Love of the Universe


Much is spoken and written about love between one person and another. However, when it comes to loving the Universe, and to love of the Universe, where do we turn for answers? Where do we find a description of such a love relationship? One place is the song “All the Love of the Universe” by Santana. [...]

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