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Reflections on the Floods in Australia


Meteorologists only use their knowledge and the usual judgments to assess each natural disaster. They lead the public to believe what their research has shown, but is this the truth? After these various incidents around the globe, meteorologists have been stunned and ashamed of their lack of findings.

Changing the Map of Life

“Some say events in the world are coincidences, others say they are destined. If the script says this is how he should act, then the story will smoothly play out like it was written.” -Great Sun If you accept the ultimate fate of the path you are currently in and then commit to a different [...]

The cycles of happiness during day and night


Learn the importance of good taste…… When you open your eyes every morning, what is the first feeling that rushes through your body, happiness, stress, or fear? According to public survey, there are an increasing number of people who find themselves lost or anxious about the reality of their lives and their future, they also [...]

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