How Do We Connect to the Universe?

In his Viking release “Super Life Secret Codes,” author Great Sun, presents a model of how man relates to the Universe, using cell phones and computers to illustrate his points.  Great Sun writes that each of us knowingly or unknowingly communicates with the Universe.  The Universe receives our signals, integrates them with information being received from all other living beings and then sends them back to us.  The author notes that theories such as his would appear truly arcane just a few years ago, but modern technology is showing us how this communication really works.

In Chapter 3 of his book the author writes that when someone purchases a new cell phone, but  “before the channel is opened up by the phone company,  the signal is weak.” Once the channel is opened up, messages bounce back and forth off satellites with great rapidity.  The metaphor demonstrates that invisible communication really works, and introduces the concept of an unseen force, in this case the phone company, that can do something at a distance which influences our own immanent ability to communicate via the invisible world.

The author uses the computer as a metaphor that illustrates how the Universe integrates our signals with the signals of every other living being in order to update, as it were, the flow of life. In this part of his metaphor he teaches readers that the future is not something written in stone, as some suggest, but can be continually shaped and altered by our thoughts and actions, which subsequently influence our personal signal to the infinite.

Although unusual, the author’s model, is not new, but rather bears a startlingly similarity to Mayan cosmology, which describes a world tree that connects man on the Earth to the Hunab Ku, or heart of the Universe, via the Kuxan Suum, or road to the sky.  Within the Hunab Ku, all communications from all creating beings are integrated and the results are sent back to each individual.  What is unique about Great Sun’s presentation is the way he illustrates it using truths seen in modern technology. As each new technological invention comes along, the author points out, we have the opportunity to learn new secrets about how the Universe works.

If what the author is saying is true, then a popular computer software package called Drop Box is bringing further evidence and elucidation of his theory. With Drop Box, multiple individuals working on the same project can simultaneously share and communicate results without having to take their attention off their activities. The Drop Box allows workers at different computer stations to download spread sheets which contain the data for the project. As each makes progress on his end of the project he updates the spreadsheet. Every time he saves the data on his sheet, the information is simultaneously shared with all other members of the project, and they see the new data whenever they update their spreadsheets. The Drop Box not only increase the capacity of the Internet to assists members of a company working at a distance, it is also potentially teaching us something about how man is connected to the Universe.

The inherent beauty of Great Sun’s model of man’s connection to the Universe and his use of technology to illustrate it, is that it does not in any way require people to abandon their daily life patterns in order to relate to the beyond. Connection with the Universe, in his theory, is portrayed as something imminent and natural.  Connecting to the Universe is a state of awareness that is totally consistent with the most advanced trends of science and technology, and therefore accessible to anyone, including the most practical and realistic scientist.

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