Man Made Earthquakes Created by Earthquake Making Machines


Are scientists creating deadly earthquakes? Many experts believe they are, and have come forth with strong evidence on the web suggesting that some of the larger earthquakes in recent years were all or at least in part, manmade events.

The ability of man to create earthquakes using   High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, (HAARP), generated microwaves is being considered very seriously in a series of You Tube videos.

In one very thorough presentation, Benjamin Fulford explains that a HAARP sponsored machine in Canada can create a billion watt microwave that can heat up the ionosphere and cause rebound waves that crash into the earth causing earthquakes, and also subterranean microwaves that heat up areas under the mantle layer causing rock flow and subsequent earthquakes and tsunamis.

Fulford first obtained proof of this earthquake machine when he interviewed the former finance minister of Japan who talked about the earthquake machine. Subsequently, the Japanese government told the author that because of his internet investigation, Niigata Prefecture in Japan would be hit by an earthquake in two days. Two days later Japans largest nuclear reactor, in Niigata Prefecture was the epicenter of two earthquakes. This inspired Fulford to continue his investigation

The signature of the HAARP earthquake machine is the presence of plasma like layers of light above the earth while the machine is operative.  The video shows clips of mysterious plasma like clouds above the ground shortly before the earthquakes that hit Niigata Prefecture in 2004. More shockingly, similar mysterious plasma clouds were seen in the area struck by the powerful 8.9 earthquake that struck the coast of Japan in 2011.

According to Fulford, the huge earthquake that caused the deadly 2004 Indonesia Tsunami was also caused, at least in part, by HAARP.

The existence of the earthquake machine forces up to reevaluate 2012 disaster predictions. While earthquakes have generally occurred at a steady rate over recorded time, the existence of a machine which can precipitate earthquakes raises the serious possibility that in the future the earth could be seriously injured by scientists wielding powerful weapons of destruction. The possibility of greater than normal destruction in 2012 now becomes a question of astrological events impinging on human psychology rather than a stellar event triggering destructive natural phenomena.

Granted the existence, even if only in fledging form, of these new dangerous weapons of mass destruction, the 2012 transition with associated prophecies of doom becomes, in reality, a conflict precipitated by the developments of weapons of destruction and the desire to wield them.  In this regard, prophecies of so called doom, such as the prophecy by Friend G. that 9 out of 10 people in the world will die before the end of 2013, are really prophecies of hope. The prophecies tell us that despite the development of these weapons of massive destruction mankind will survive and will overcome the desire to wield them in a way that would destroy the Earth.

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