Nuclear Reactors, and the Challenge They Pose For Our Planet


Even as scientists continue struggling to regain control of Japan’s Fukushima’s nuclear power plant environmental organizations and citizen’s around the World are having more and more fears about the energy source and looking more intently at safer renewable forms of energy.

The current world response is reflected in articles appearing on the web news services. In one recent article, leaders in the wind energy industry has articulated the expectation that what happened in Japan will be good for their business. Another article highlighted the concerns of Canadians living in an area slated for the development of more uranium mining.  Protests against existing nuclear plants have increased in Europe and throughout the world.

While fears are running high, scientists within the  nuclear power industry are taking steps to calm fears and to implement more technological innovations designed to avoid disasters such as occurred at Fukushima, in the future. One example of industry response is a computer simulation program that monitors the state of reactors during a crisis by analyzing bits of information available from the outside. Using this program, scientists were able to make accurate estimates of the extent of fuel rod meltdown and container destruction that occurred at Fukushima as a result of the recent tsunami.

An important factor that weighs on the scientific sector’s response to nuclear reactor disaster is the part nuclear energy plays in reducing emissions that might otherwise lead to global warming. Should industries fall back on traditional fuels,which pollute the atmosphere with emissions they will run the risk of aggravating the effects, known and unknown, of global warming.

Public nuclear fears area has been aggravated more and more as the public hears about the impact the disaster is having on Japan So far close to two hundred thousand  people have had to be evacuated from their ancestral homes and may be unable to return for decades. While most contamination far from the plant is not a risk to human life, the winds have carried dangerous levels of radiation in a north western direction which is effecting one town more than 19 miles from the nuclear reactor, and Cesium has risen to a level twice that which was considered inhabitable during the Chernobyl disaster.

It may be months before Japanese scientists can contain the leak of radiation from the plant. Importantly, among the radioactive particles being emitted from the plant are some.radioactive isotopes with long half-lives.  While radioactive iodine has a half-life of only 8 days,  radioactive Cesium has a half life of 35 years. This isotope is also being emitted from the plant and has risen to unsafe levels in certain area. And, some amounts of radioactive Plutonium have been leaked and some plutonium derivatives have half lives of over 100 years.

The long half-life of some of the isotopes and the unpredictable patterns of spread is the crux of nuclear fear. The intensified emotions result in an enhanced struggle between corporations, on the one hand, which stand to make huge fortunes in the nuclear industry, and the populace, on the other hand, which is asked to live in the vicinity of nuclear plants, which under the worst of situations can make their homes and neighborhoods uninhabitable.

The struggle of 21st century man to avoid such noxious substances as radioactive decay was highlighted in the Viking text “Super Life Secret Codes, ” by author Great Sun. The book is a manual for future survival in our highly technological world, and it emphasizes both the positive need to reconnect with the Universe and the negative need to avoid harmful and obnoxious stimuli and substances, which are all too often byproducts of modernization. In Chapter 5 of his book, Great Sun talks about “Avoiding the Well Disguised Poison.” Well disguised poisons might be certain songs, social practices or substances which are inviting to indulge in but which secretly undermine health and longevity. The other side of the struggle, according to the author,  is to imbibe positive energy, which may include everything from positive thinking to solar energy.

Great Sun introduces an important concept in this book which sheds light on the current nuclear crisis. He says that modern man needs to learn all over again to love the Universe and not harm it. In this regard, there is no absolute right or wrong answer to the current nuclear crisis. When used properly, nuclear energy is a source of cheap fuel which reduces atmospheric emissions. When disaster strikes, on the other hand, nuclear energy becomes a destructive force which can kill people, cause cancer, and uproot cities and towns and neighborhoods in an instant. The challenge; however, for people involved in the nuclear industry is to connect to and love the Universe. When you love someone, you don’t want to do anything to harm them. Likewise if people working in the nuclear power field enhance their personal connection to the Universe, then they will intuitively and naturally follow a path that will not result in harm to others. In that regard, there won’t be one answer to the nuclear crisis, rather there will be a series of answers coming from each individual participant who is mindful of the delicacy of our universe and the need to protect it.

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