Love of the Universe and Human Love, Are They the Same?

Why should I take the time out to “connect to the Universe?” Why should I spend my valuable time which is currently devoted to pursuing my tangible loves, my wife, family, and career, to commune with the ethereal love of the Universe? These are reasonable questions in the minds of modern man living in our faced paced technological world. Two authors, Lynne Gordon-Mündel, and Great Sun, provide answers.

According to Lynne Mundel, the various forms of love, love for a lover, for a family, for nature, are not intrinsically different than the love for the Universe and for the creator who created us all. As one eastern writer, Meher Baba once wrote, the various forms of love come together as streams of love finding their way to rivers and then the ocean of love. The commonality of all these types of love is the search for unity in diversity. A man and woman, for example, seek to bridge their diversity and form a unity. A married couple form a single body in their marriage. In the words of the poet Robert Fish “Our love is a meeting, a bridge and a union, we two are one.”

According to Lynne Gordon Mundel, human love and love for the universe are essentially the same thing because they are different types of expressions of the unity of creation. Lynne goes so far as to call the belief in separation an epidemic. She notes that we have been trained to believe that love is an emotional feeling state arising out of ourselves, but the essence of all forms of love is the realization that we are not separate beings, and the universe is one. She writes, “Existence is all of one piece, it is a Unity; it is Tenderness beyond description”

Lynne writes that if people can experience the love of the Universe the feeling that we are all one, then we can overcome the miseries, which according to her are breed from the myth of separation. “Poverty war and disease all result from the false belief that the creator and creation are divided. For example, a landlord believing he is a totally separate being from his tenant will try and raise the price of the apartment, improving his lot at the expense of the dweller’s well being. Wars come about when one country, believing itself to be superior and separate from another country, seeks to dominate it and take it over. The relationship between disease and separation is much more complex and tied to the very nature of human existence, however, we can appreciate it in a small way by considering a company, which believes itself to be totally distinct beings from its customers, adds food additives to its products to make them more appealing, even when they are harmful to the health of the buyers.

Great Sun, author of the Viking text “Super Life Secret Codes,” encourages his readers to see the Universe as a constant indwelling presence in our lives. Our very thoughts, and aspirations, he points out are broadcast to the Universe, and integrated with the thoughts and aspirations of all our fellow beings, every instant, like a cell phone and receiver hooked up to a gigantic computer.

Whereas Lynne asks her readers to “…let go of any and all ideas that make us seem to be alone, helpless, or insignificant, and receive the energies of Creation, felt as love, in our meditations, in our spiritual practices, in our daily lives and in our relationships.” Great Sun offers the following superb meditation instruction to his readers. “Imagine yourself standing, in the middle of nature and feeling the endless love the Universe is giving us.” (Now) “give back endless appreciation, and transfer this gratitude as love in your hearts, to become a spiritual substance, letting it blow to every corner of the world.”

Great Sun’s meditation suggests the relationship between the connection to the universe and feeling the love of the Universe and the expression of love in human endeavors. When we are full of the boundless love of the Universe, which sustains us every instant via sunlight, air, water, food, etc. we become more capable of human love, by desiring to express this gratitude for what receive, to others. While this approach won’t necessarily spark the wild passion we associate with fulfilling human love, it can at least serve to check negative emotions and actions, born out of a dark perception of separation from the other, which at times can hinder the expression of human love.

Great Sun, like Lynne, points out that appreciation for Universe can help countries as well as individuals end the cycle of wars and domination. “Many governments still have the mentality to overpower smaller countries to gain their benefits.” Great Sun notes. “Looking at history, we see that century after century, countries fight to take over territories. When can we learn to work together to protect the planet we live on.” The Universe has its own agenda, Great Sun concludes, and if countries can’t learn to recognize their commonality with the other, then consequences will result, i.e. wars, and such disasters as global warming, which have resulted from economically driven industrial concerns that override rational concern for the environment.

The Wisdom of Learning to Forgive Others

In Chapter 9 of his Viking release “Super Life Secret Codes,” author Great Sun extolled the value of eliminating unnecessary anger or sadness by changing one’s perspective and then minimizing the problem. He lamented the fact that some people lack this skill. Once they get mad they can’t stop being angry until they have enacted complete vengeance on the object of their rage. They feel that in order to put the incident out of their mind they need to entirely uproot the source of the conflict, clear the field as it were, and then they will be able to forget about it.

We can find a more intelligent model for expressing anger in the closing scenes of the Tempest by William Shakespear. Propero, the former Duke of Milan, was disposed by the treachery of his brother Sebastian and King Alonso of Naples. He and his daughter were then cast upon the sea, sustained only by food and supplies given to them by the Duke’s loyal adviser Gonzalo. Using his magic arts Prospero manages to reach an enchanted Island where he establishes his new residence. He frees a spirit, Ariel, from the enchantment of a wicked witch Sycorax, and enslaves Caliban, the witch’s son, who is prevented by Prospero from seducing his daughter.

At a propitious moment, Prospero uses his magical arts to create a storm that shipwrecks King Alonzo, Sebastian, Sebastian’s son and Gonzalo on the enchanted Island. With the help of Ariel and his magical powers, King Prospero now enacts a series of magical events that turn the tables on those who were responsible for his exile. King Alonso and his son are separated during the shipwreck, and both experience the grief of loss. Sebastian and another seaman plot to take the like of Alonzo, who thereby experiences the bitterness of treachery. Caliban and two drunken seaman plot to take Propero’s life and all three are caught and imprisoned through Ariel’s magic arts.

At the very moment when Prospero has succeeded in paying back those who did him wrong, he is reminded by Ariel of the now pitiful state of the former conspirators.

“If you now beheld them, “speaks Ariel,” your affections would become tender.”

“And mine shall,” responds Prospero. “…Though with their high wrongs I am struck to the quick, Yet with my nobler reason ‘gainst my fury do I take part.”

Having wreaked his vengeance, Prospero stops short of total decimation, and frees all the perpetrators, exacting promises that they will not  turn again to their wicked ways. Prospero is restored to his dukedom, his daughter is betrothed to Alonso’s son, and repentant Caliban is set free. True to his name, and thanks to his strategy, Prospero prospers.

Not so, another of Shakespeare’s famous characters Othello. That poor King became so obsesses with jealously about the alleged infidelity of his wife that he was persuade by an evil courtier to kill her. After completing the deed, the wretched King learns that she was innocent.

Holding back from total destructive rage against one who has perpetrated evil against us, helps  maintains our focus on our positive life goals. When we put our greatest focus on the ongoing constructive  projects in our lives, and treat treacheries and evil deeds as mere temporary impediments to be overcome along the way,  we immediately see the foolishness of investing too much energy in righting those wrongs. If a partial revenge against a wrong doer will dissuade him from taking the same action against us in the future, then the wisest course is to stop short, and put our attention on worthier endeavors.

Free Reprint Rights – Super Life Secret Codes author Great Sun and his team gives permission to publish this article in your ezine, blog or on your website as long as the credit to Great Sun and his team and include the following author biography at the end of the article:

Great Sun, author of Super Life Secret Codes, is a student of the Universe. He accepts various life advancement opportunities given by the love of the Universe. Permitted by fate, Great Sun has been able to help and guide many people to better their lives, and some even consider him to be a mentor of the body, soul and spirit.

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Four Guatemalan Soldiers Receive 6,000 Plus Year Jail Sentences for Slaughter of Mayans


Four Guatemalan soldiers have been sentenced to more than 6000 years each for the killing and massacre of hundreds of men, women, and children during a sweep up operation against drug cartels in 1982. The operation was part of Guatemala’s 36 year civil war during which some 240,000 people perished, mostly Mayan Indians. The massacre in 1982 was just the last of a number of terrible atrocities perpetrated against Mayans, most at the hands of white Spanish settlers in the 16th century. The majority of Mayan civilization was destroyed during that period of time. The recent legal victory and vindication for the Mayans comes just a year and a half before the end of their Long Count Calendar cycle of 5,126 years.

The history of violence against Mayans and the more recent legal vindication coming less than two years before the end of their calendar cycle gives one pause for thought. The juxtaposition of these extreme events brings to mind a well known paradigm. Occasionally a person slated to receive a well deserved blessing first undergoes severe punishment. The punishment or suffering serves to prepare him for the good blessings that are to come. This preparation has been likened to the preparation of a metal implement, which must be placed through fire to shape it and harden it before it can be used.

Next year, the Mayan’s will be in the center of world attention. Their calendar system is the longest running system known to man. It is of interest to many people outside the Mayan culture as well. According to Jewish belief, for example, the astronomical system presented in the Mayan calendar was developed by the Jewish Biblical figure Seth, son of Adam. Seth lived at the beginning of the current Mayan calendar period and is revered as the founder of the modern science of astronomy.

Mixed in with the amazingly advanced astronomical sophistication of the Mayans is a dark history of another sort however. At some point in Mayan religious history, human sacrifice became a part of their worship. While human sacrifice did not play as big a part in Mayan religion as it did in the Aztec culture, recent archeological evidence suggests that the Mayans did indulge in human sacrifice, especially at the time of some bad occurrence such as a drought or natural disaster. The usual form of sacrifice was the quick removal of the live beating human heart by the priest. Such practices were abominable to the conquering Spaniards, and may have led to mass atrocities against Mayan civilization at that time.

While human sacrifice has been removed from Mayan culture and religion, there is no doubt that the memory of it and the intense intellectual focus on the history of the Mayan calendar could bring up this seamy past before the public eye in a way that would be unsavory to some. However, today, the Mayan’s have themselves been the victims of such great atrocities that it is doubtful if anyone in their own culture would consider returning to their pagan past. In this sense, the suffering the Mayans have gone through has purified them and prepared them for the world honor and attention they will be receiving in 2012 as their calendar system cycle comes to an end.

The end of this Mayan calendar cycle, which spans 13 Baktuns of time, marks the end of one Sun World and the beginning of a new one. Experts predict that themes of the upcoming Sun world will include the enhanced connection of the individual with the universe, as opposed to top down leadership, and a greater intuition. While Mayans are quick to deny that an apocalyptic event will take place on Dec. 21 2012, the date marking the end of the cycle, Mayan Sun World transitions are traditionally associated with destructive acts of some type. A great world flood was believed to have taken place in the centuries after the start of the last Sun World, and scientists do predict that in the next 100-200 years, the effects of Global warming will completely change the ecosphere of the planet. Ironically, the 6,000 year sentences imposed on the Guatemalan soldiers will run from the beginning of the next Mayan Sun World through its end.

Experiencing the Love of the Universe

Much is spoken and written about love between one person and another. However, when it comes to loving the Universe, and to love of the Universe, where do we turn for answers? Where do we find a description of such a love relationship? One place is the song “All the Love of the Universe” by Santana.

While the song and lyrics might at first read appear disjointed, we can at least reasonably assume that Santana has filled the song lyrics with thoughts and images that are appropriate to the song’s theme and title, “Love of the Universe.”  The songwriter’s lyric selections are both provocative and challenging, and figuring out how they relate to love of the Universe is a mind opening experience.

Santana presents five themes or we might say descriptive qualifiers about the state of experiencing love of the Universe: newness, purification, unification, living in the now, and dependency on the other.  All five concepts, relate to processes that lift the individual out of his self centered, independent staid, placid existence and put him in touch with the ever changing flow of universal life that cleanses the body and soul and opens up relationship with the other. Therefore, five events take place, corresponding to Santana’s five themes. When experiencing the love of the Universe, the individual opens up to new thoughts, washed from within by the influx of the new he experiences physical and mental purification, he experiences a process that throws him into relationship with others, he lets go of memories of the past and thoughts of the future and lives in the now, and he feels comfortable depending on others for help, because, that is part of what it means to receive love from the Universe.

Great Sun, author of the Viking Book Super Life Secret Codes, also talks about connecting to the Universe and feeling the love of the Universe. In his Viking release “Super Life Secret Codes,” he describes how he was opened up to the love of the Universe, and incredibly, his experience bears many similarities to themes in Santana’s song.

In 2005, Great Sun had a series of meetings with a mystic “Friend G.” Friend G. was a person who was adept in the alchemy of human personality. He helped people that came to him, return to family relationships, careers, and the satisfaction that comes from successfully relating to others.  At the same time, he helped people open up to the Universe. Visitors to his evening talks were encouraged to engage in exercises that would enable them to communicate with the Universe. At times they would stand together and look at the moon. Friend G. opened up their sense of spatial orientation, challenging them to guess their north south position without any external clues. He asked them to listen to the language of the Universe.

After attending many of these talks, Great Sun, was told by the author to stop attending the meetings.  He had learned all he could, Friend G. told him, if he had any more questions, he must ask the Universe directly.  In this way, the author came into an abiding relationship with the Universe.  Examining Great Sun’s experience we can see that he was exposed to a cleansing influx of new ideas. He and the other’s who attended the talks were put into abiding relationship with others. Through the exercises with the moon attendees were asked to abandon thoughts of the past and future and experience the cosmic flow in the now. And throughout the experience with Friend G, all participants felt comfortable receiving a helping hand.

Metaphysical Implications of Travelling Faster than Light

If the discovery by scientists at CERN that neutrinos travel faster than the speed of light holds up, it will open the door to dramatic speculations about the nature of the cosmos.  The belief that all living beings are tied together by a type of instantaneous knowing might soon get the respect it deserves.

While the recent discovery at CERN that some particles may travel faster than the speed of light is under great scientific scrutiny, the possibility that the findings are accurate inspires metaphysical speculations about the nature of the Universe. These are not new speculations, and they have already been talked about in relation to entanglement theory. Entanglement theory refers to the observation that when a quantum particle splits into two sub-particles, it appears that no matter how far apart the particles are located; the sum of their spin momentum in different directions always stays the same. If one particle changes its spin, the other particle will compensate and change its spin in the opposite direction, seeming to know the state of the first particles at a rate faster than the speed of light. Einstein drubbed this theory calling it “spooky action at a distance.” However, more modern research has not upheld Einstein’s position, and suggests that some type of action at a distance, mediated through fields, does violate the concept of localism, in which every action may be described in terms of quantum movements at or below the speed of light.

Metaphysical speculation considers that if sub-particles separated by a great distance can exchange information simultaneously through a field, than why can’t humans, in some way, share thoughts at a distance. Theories like this have been popularized by physicists and writers such as Dean Radin, author of Entangled Minds.  Other writers, such as Great Sun, author of “Super Life Secret Codes,” have suggested, that human’s communicate with the Universe instantaneously and continually, and that the Universe correlates the thoughts of all living creatures, much like a giant computer. Such an imaginative idea is not without precedence. Mayan Cosmology expressed a belief in this very concept. According to Mayan theories an umbilical cord connects man on Earth to the Galactic Center via a tree of life that grows through the Great Rift, a dark obscurring dust cloud that sits between our solar system and the center of the Milky Way. Behind the Great Rift is the Heart of the Universe or the Hunab Ku. All life in the Universe is connected to the Hunab Ku, via bi-directional emanations called the Kuxam Suum.

As a concept in cosmology, the Mayan theory is quaint, however the true distances it talks about are so immense, that even electromagnectic light waves might take millions of years to reach the Hunab Ku, wherever it is, and return. This is because the Great Rift   is a mere cloud of dark debris that sits between our Solar System and Sagittarius A, the location of the dark hole at the center of the Milky Way, around which all stars in the Galaxy rotate. This would suggest that the dark hole in the center of the Milky Way was the Hunab Ku. ON the other hand, beyond, the Milky Way, itself, in a line stretching 150-200 million light years away, is the “Great Attractor,” the point, according to scientists,  of greatest known gravitational attraction in the Universe.   Should the Greater Attractor turn out to be the physical correlate of the Hunab Ku, then it would be impossible for any wave or particle moving at the speed of light to reach the “Hunab Ku,” and come back again in a time frame that would have any meaning to human life span on Earth.

However, if the new research at the CERN laboratory in Europe proves to be true, then we must consider the possibility that speeds beyond the speed of light are obtainable, and we needn’t try to explain away phenomena that have no meaning in a world restricted to travel at the speed of light.

“Super Life Secret Codes,” is a Viking release by Great Sun that offers guidance to mankind preparing to live in the New Age facing humanity.  The author urges readers to learn to connect to the Universe and to love the Universe. At the same time, he does not encourage people to turn away from our increasingly technological world. On the contrary, he points out that new technological advances provide more and more examples of how the Universe works.

Free Reprint Rights – Super Life Secret Codes author Great Sun and his team gives permission to publish this article in your ezine, blog or on your website as long as the credit to Great Sun and his team and include the following author biography at the end of the article:

Great Sun, author of Super Life Secret Codes, is a student of the Universe. He accepts various life advancement opportunities given by the love of the Universe. Permitted by fate, Great Sun has been able to help and guide many people to better their lives, and some even consider him to be a mentor of the body, soul and spirit.

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