Reflections on the Floods in Australia


Even if you do not live in Australia, you must have heard from the news about the recent massive floods in Australia. The calamities caused by this natural disaster have broken the records of many decades, the severities are beyond imagination. What actions will you take now? Will you donate money to help the victims? Or give aid to global organizations for them to help the victims? Perhaps you will feel better after expressing your sympathy for those victimized by this natural disaster.

Reflecting on these events occurring else where on the globe, what if these events were to happen here where we live? Nature is unpredictable; it is very plausible that the next disaster will occur where we are. We cannot guarantee that disasters will not occur at certain places, but we do know that as the rates of event occurrences increase, sooner or later mankind will not be able to fight against every chaotic situation on our planet.

If we know we cannot avoid these disasters, then we need to determine what our next step should be. How will be escape from disasters? Should we start preparing for floods and earthquakes? Should we purchase insurance for everything we own? Or should we continue to fret over everything on a daily basis? Before any of these questions should be answered, let us rethink about why the planet has become so chaotic and unstable?

Meteorologists only use their knowledge and the usual judgments to assess each natural disaster. They lead the public to believe what their research has shown, but is this the truth? After these various incidents around the globe, meteorologists have been stunned and ashamed of their lack of findings.

It is only the beginning of 2011 and natural disasters have already hit multiple times around the globe. It is hard to fully reject the idea of 2012. Author of Super Life Secret Codes, Great Sun encourages everyone to prepare for the worst, nature has already begun to give us warnings and it may be hard to avoid these disasters. We can try to salvage what has been damaged, but we must focus on what we need to do now to save our planet. Mankind should unify as one and with our strength, we can accomplish many things. If you want to know more about what we can do to help not only ourselves but ultimately our planet, you should read Super Life Secret Codes. Read this book now; don’t wait until it may be too late to save our planet.

Don’t let anything obstruct you from your search for the truth and don’t let any distractions deviate you from your sincerity. Who knows when and where the next natural disaster will strike – it could be anywhere and anytime. We must be prepared for the worst.

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