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Newly Released 2012 Predictions by a Living Spiritual Guide


Whatever Friend G. said to Great Sun about 2012 was so severe that it caused him to write in his book…

Where’s My Solution?


Sometimes we become preoccupied with heavy workloads and a hectic schedule, and we lose our composure and sense of security. Should we subsequently develop a tendency to procrastinate, we will find ourselves on a path that leads to failures in many things – tasks that were once within our grasp and control are no longer achievable! Gradually we find ourselves sinking into a morass and becoming alienated from life as we go through our daily routine, a helpless prisoner to the passing of time. We look around us, and everything appears distant. Where is the solution to this impasse? At times like these, we are no way better than a fly trapped in a bottle, finding no way out and totally clueless about the direction of life.

Improve your Reality

After the Tsunami

It is time to take the necessary steps to better your life, TODAY! It is human nature to desire more superior conditions in all of the different areas of your day to day surroundings and your own personal attributes. However, few people actually apply the proper determination and commitment to turn their dreams into a [...]

Changing the Map of Life

“Some say events in the world are coincidences, others say they are destined. If the script says this is how he should act, then the story will smoothly play out like it was written.” -Great Sun If you accept the ultimate fate of the path you are currently in and then commit to a different [...]

Be a Student of the Universe


“In the decades I had devoted myself into reading religious classics and teachings, there were still blind spots I was unable to penetrate. If it had not been for Friend G’s simple explanations, examples, and practices, I would never have experienced this connection with the Universe.” This powerful exert is from Chapter 2: Student of [...]

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