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Love of the Universe and Human Love, Are They the Same?


Why should I take the time out to “connect to the Universe?” Why should I spend my valuable time which is currently devoted to pursuing my tangible loves, my wife, family, and career, to commune with the ethereal love of the Universe? These are reasonable questions in the minds of modern man living in our [...]

Enhancing Love and Sex in a Relationship


One expert on love and relationships, Great Sun, the author of the Viking release “Super Life Secret Codes,” recommends that couples engage in conversation that allows the woman to share her intelligence and insights on life. This makes the woman feel important.

Nature’s Apocalypse


The warning signs given from the birds and fish The recent deaths of whole fish and bird populations have become a scare to the public. Though researchers are working diligently to determine the underlying cause, no concrete conclusion has yet been made. Some researchers have carelessly stated conclusions without in depth research, but the public [...]

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