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The New Age, Science and Technology


As December 21, 2012, the day which marks the end of the 5,126 year Mayan Long Count Calendar cycle, approaches, the voice of responsible scientists and psychics continues to speak out against doomsday soothsayers who predict the day will be a time of great chaos and cataclysm. But even as this conflict of ideas appears [...]

Technology, the New Age and Connecting to the Universe


…. far seeing writers talk about the need for mankind to connect to the universe, to love the Universe and to learn how to relate to it, even in the midst of our highly technological world.

Biblical Creation versus Evolution


The Mayan belief teaches that the rejuvenation of the Sun, through its celestial conjunction with the Dark Rift, will presage a new Sun World. Physical life may go on, as it did before, but the changes devolving from this celestial configuration will be so pervasive that we will find ourselves living in a new world.

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