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Confluence of Prophecies Predicting Unparalleled Disaster Will Strike the World in May 2011


A confluence of distinct prophecies from four prophets from entirely different backgrounds predict that the world will be struck by unprecedented disasters next month

Prophet Predicts that 9/10th of the People in the World Will Die in 2012


Friend G. an enigmatic spiritual prophet predicted that 9/10ths of the population in the world will die in 2012. His statement was made at a meeting of friends in 2005 and kept secret until last week.

The Mayan Long Count Calendar and the Bible


The Mayan Long Count Calendar is nearing the end of an epic 5,126 year cycle that is described as the harbinger of a great spiritual transformation in the world. There is also evidence that the creation of the calendar dates backs to the times of the great Biblical figure Seth

Newly Released 2012 Predictions by a Living Spiritual Guide


Whatever Friend G. said to Great Sun about 2012 was so severe that it caused him to write in his book…

The 9th Hopi Prophecy and the Prophecies of Friend G.


Friend G. is a little known but very accurate modern prophet who made some accurate predictions about volcanoes and earthquakes that would occur between 2005 and 2010 and followed that up with some shocking predictions about 2012.

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