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Metaphysical Implications of Travelling Faster than Light


If the discovery by scientists at CERN that neutrinos travel faster than the speed of light holds up, it will open the door to dramatic speculations about the nature of the cosmos.  The belief that all living beings are tied together by a type of instantaneous knowing might soon get the respect it deserves. While [...]

The 9th Hopi Prophecy and the Prophecies of Friend G.


Friend G. is a little known but very accurate modern prophet who made some accurate predictions about volcanoes and earthquakes that would occur between 2005 and 2010 and followed that up with some shocking predictions about 2012.

Where’s My Solution?


Sometimes we become preoccupied with heavy workloads and a hectic schedule, and we lose our composure and sense of security. Should we subsequently develop a tendency to procrastinate, we will find ourselves on a path that leads to failures in many things – tasks that were once within our grasp and control are no longer achievable! Gradually we find ourselves sinking into a morass and becoming alienated from life as we go through our daily routine, a helpless prisoner to the passing of time. We look around us, and everything appears distant. Where is the solution to this impasse? At times like these, we are no way better than a fly trapped in a bottle, finding no way out and totally clueless about the direction of life.

Treasures You Cannot Discover In a Classroom


The children of this generation are both lucky and unfortunate. One may find this contradicting thought to be perplexing, how can children be lucky and unlucky at the same time? The answer is simple. Recent technological advancements have provided the younger generations with computers, 4G phones, video games and more, bringing children more entertainment and [...]

The Secret Ingredients to a Healthy Body


In our society today, most men and women are consciously aware and concerned for their physical health. Exercise and diet-related infomercials are becoming increasingly popular, and attracting many people who would gladly purchase or join their membership in hopes of a better body shape. There is a portion of the healthy public who wakeup early [...]

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