The Approach of 2012: Can Man Control Earthquakes?

In his recent book Super Life Secret Codes, author Great Sun talks about the approach of 2012. He considers 2012 prophecies and suggests that whether these future events occur as earthquakes and other natural disasters or as more refined reactions will depend on how man responds in the next year and a half. Great Sun is suggesting that there is a dynamic living relationship between  humans and the Universe, such that their speech, action and thoughts  both individually and collectively can potentially ward off such vast natural phenomena as earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes. Can such a statement be supported scientifically? 


No one can deny that earthquakes are ancient natural phenomena, which greatly trouble modern man. The contrast between the safety and security of urban life, far away from wild animals and snakes, and the uncontrollable devastation that is unleashed when an earthquake occurs and topples modern edifices in a few seconds, is patently obvious.

Everyone knows that earthquakes are the manifest behavior of hidden interactions between tectonic plates, many kilometers below the Earth’s surface. There are seven major, seven secondary and a number of minor tectonic plates beneath the earth’s surface, which cause earthquakes and volcanoes when they push together, pull apart or move under one another.

While scientists feel confident predicting the movements of these tectonic plates over a course of 50,000,000 years, they admit the inability to know the precise moment when natural disasters caused by the plate movements will occur. The exact moment when one last piece of earth will crumble or rupture, releasing these wild phenomena, is beyond the ken of current scientific ability to predict. Can the thoughts speech or action of man effect such events?

If we try and describe the actual events leading up to an earthquake, we find that the micro-causes of this vast natural phenomenon, include a series of subterranean events such as rock slides, rock buckling, and large masses of earth sliding past one another. Why is it that a rock which has held stable for 10-100,000 years or more suddenly collapses at a given hour on a given day? From a scientific point of view, we could look at a series of mechanical, chemical, heat and pressure factors that led to the event. Suddenly, we find ourselves in the realm of quantum events.

What about  the other end of this equation, what known effects does man have on nature? We know, logically, that man can affect nature through his speech, actions and even his thoughts. When a person speaks, for example, he releases vibrations into the air. It is more obvious that man’s actions affect nature. Everyone knows about the greenhouse effect, caused by the man’s use of modern technology. But even when man strides across a field, his tread on the earth sends vibrations through the soil and stones beneath him. While not so obvious, even man’s thoughts, which emit a faint electromagnetic vibration, can affect the universe. And man’s changing emotions and bodily processes emit a unique pattern of infrared radiation, which travels near and far.

Consideration of only one of these channels of interaction between man and the universe, that of heat transfer, will serve to illustrate my point. Everyone knows that when a rock heats up it is more likely to become deformed and lose its prior shape, this may contribute to rock structures collapsing, an act which could help to trigger any number of underground natural disasters. Amidst the total of all the types of heat transferred to underground rock, at the conjunction of two tectonic plates, heat transferred by humans probably amounts to a miniscule amount. Engineering formulas have been developed, however, which would permit a scientist to readily calculate the contribution of even a single person to this heating process. It is not my intention to present such an  exact formulas in this article, the amount of heat transferred is extremely minute. I do wish to point out that however minuscule the contribution of man to this process, it will one day be measurable, because scientists continually seek the ability to measure smaller and smaller forces, and smaller and smaller quantities in nature.

Consider the following progression of scientific discovery. In 1897, thanks to CE Johansson, man gained the ability to measure objects to within 2 millionths of an inch A few years later, in 1927, Bell Telephone Laboratories increased the accuracy of that measurement to one billionth of an inch and celebrated the event by sending a photo of the governor, using the technology By 2002, thanks to the work of a Harvard professor, the limit of accuracy was extended to the size of one thousandth of a trillionth of an inch.

Over the course of 100 years, science increased the accuracy of measurement by a factor of 2 billion! Considering the progress made in just one century, it is hard to imagine any figure, no matter how small, that is outside the ken of man’s scientific pursuits.

We can safely conclude that the day will come when science can measure the contribution of one human being to subterranean heat fluxes at the depth that causes earthquakes. It would be rash, therefore, to say that man is not connected in some way to the mechanical processes that cause earthquakes and other natural phenomena.

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