The Great Movie Within: Or the Formative World in Man


In various spiritual cosmologies, there are a series of inner worlds that transmit the light of the unlimited world to the physical world in increasingly constricted forms. At the highest level, undivided life divides into the thought and thinker. In the formative world, thought takes form. The formative world is also known as the creative world, the energy world, the subtle world, Ytserah in Cabala, to name a few titles. The formative world functions to the universe much like a movie script writer functions to a movie. In this world, imagination creates scenes which upon further constriction can turn into reality.

While most people experience the qualities of the spiritual or formative world subconsciously or in a dream, few adapts actually live in this world and experience it consciously. One mystic who talks about the power of the formative world is Great Sun, author of the recent Viking book “Super Life Secret Codes.” The book is inspired by Great Sun’s meetings with an enigmatic mystic named Friend G. Friend G. is a spiritual leader with a gift for manipulating human chemistry for the good. He also stunned his admirers with a series of predictions about disasters that would strike the world between 2005 and 2013. At the time that Great Sun had published his book in 2010, all the predictions had materialized and Great Sun was concerned about a dire prediction Friend G. had made about 2012, the year marking the end of the Mayan calendar.

Great Sun, however, is not a sensationalist dooms-day predictor, rather, he was much consternated about Friend G’s prediction that as many as 9 out of 10 people will perish if the world does not change its course. Great Sun addressed many of the issues that are causing the world’s brush with disaster. They include pollution of the environment, and the resultant global warming and conflict between nations, which could potentially lead to a devastating third world war. 

In Chapter Twelve of His book entitled “Spilling Tears Within Universal Space,” the author visits the energy world and plays out the future as a private movie viewing. He first sees what could happen if man does not change. In his vision he sees horrible scenes of what the world could turn into. As Great Sun plays out his inner drama he sees hideous weather conditions and natural disasters that had resulted from global warming, acid rain and other by-products of pollution and perhaps nuclear war. As a result of genetic mutations, certain types of wild animals that attack man had developed. The author then inputted the techniques he teaches, and saw humanity as it might be if people use his teachings. The scene transformed and he concluded that the teachings he had developed could help divert humanity from otherwise dire consequences.

While “Super Life Secret Codes,” does not purport to impart any particular cosmology or religious doctrine, it does, in passing present one individual’s experience of the formative world.

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