Treasures You Cannot Discover In a Classroom


The children of this generation are both lucky and unfortunate. One may find this contradicting thought to be perplexing, how can children be lucky and unlucky at the same time? The answer is simple. Recent technological advancements have provided the younger generations with computers, 4G phones, video games and more, bringing children more entertainment and knowledge. However, society has slowly become more competitive each year, whether it is business, entertainment, sports, or academics, people around the globe constantly compete to be the best in their field. This is where the tragedy comes to play. Many parents have slowly caught on with the race, over filling their children’s schedules with extra classes and extracurricular activities. Although parents believe this will assist their children to be well-rounded individuals, it sometimes may be overbearing for children to take so many classes on a daily basis.

There is no doubt that parents have their child’s best interest in mind. Everything parents strive for is for their children’s healthy growth into adults. However, if parents burden their children with too many extracurricular activities, there will be a stress build up within the children’s minds. This stress may cause mental distress and social abnormalities, and it may ultimately cause a rift in the familial relationship between the children and parents. This is something all parents must try to avoid.

Tracy, a reader of Super Life Secret Codes, resides with her family in Taiwan and has been greatly troubled by her teenage son who is at the rebellious stage of life. She has tried various methods in hopes to change her son’s poor attitude and personality, but all her efforts have yet been in vain. After reading Super Life Secret Codes by Great Sun, Tracy agrees with the author’s every idea and concept. With the hopes that Great Sun will have a solution to her problem, Tracy submitted her personal questions about her son to the author Great Sun. The following is Great Sun’s response to Tracy’s dilemma:

  1. The den is located at the movement aura of your house, that is why your child cannot focus on his studies nor are his grades improving. I suggest he studies in the guest bedroom to increase his attention span and improve his academic career.
  2. A child’s emotions are often reflections of the parents. I highly suggest all parents to self-evaluate to determine what emotions or attitudes you are presenting to your children. The faster you can determine what the cause of the problem is, the quicker you may be able to salvage your relationship with your children. Be rational and not overly emotional. Controlling your emotions will help stop that flow of negative energy to your children. When parents are emotionally unstable, their children will reflect that instability back to their parents causing chaos within the family. Sincerely practice the methods taught in the Super Life Secret Codes and you will begin to understand how to reach that equilibrium between the relationship of parents and children.
  3. Utilizing chapters three and nine in Super Life Secret Codes can dissolve the conflicts and misunderstandings between parents and children. When you have mastered the techniques in the book and sincerely appreciate life as it is, then your lives will reach balance. These learnings will become more valuable than any treasure you may find.
  4. A child’s future is never as we predict it will be. Do not set your conclusions about their future when they have only taken the first few steps in life. Show them your love and have patience with your children. Great Sun believes that all children will become successful in their own way and in their perspective fields of work, overstressing about their future will only bring trouble to you. Read Super Life Secret Codes and practice the methods with sincerity and patience. Use that knowledge to schedule your child’s activities and when you resolve the conflicts between you and your child, you will feel satisfaction and relief because you will understand to be open-minded and accept what may come in the future.

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